Update of the preliminary decommissioning plan of the CANDU-6 type of reactor

Case study

During the years 2022 - 2023, the AquilaCosting software has been intensively and successfuly used to estimated updated costs of the updated preliminary decommissioning plan of the NPP operating two CANDU-6 reactors.

The previous preliminary decommissioning plan (PDP) of the NPP was developed in the years 2012 - 2014 and after a period of 10 years, the update of this plan has become necessary. The AquilaCosting software has been chosen by the Kinectrics Inc. to:

  • estimate costs for the decommissioning, including the spending cashflows;
  • simulate the waste management scenarios up to the waste disposal; and
  • perform sensitivity analysis to asses the impact of selected input parameters on the overall costs.

In comparison to the previous PDP, additional variations for the decommissioning end states has been simulated and estimated. The variations were based on the different schedules for the operation of the reactor units, different disposal options for the VLLW waste or different sharing of costs with the external subjects.

The results of the cost estimations, waste management scenario simulations and sensitivity analysis were used in several standalone reports:

  • Decommissioning Costing Report
  • Funding Mechanism Report
  • Waste and Spent Fuel Management Report
  • Preliminary Decommissioning Plan