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Module: Waste Management Cost Estimations
Module: Monte-Carlo Cost Risk Assessment
Module: Non-ISDC to ISDC conversion
Module: Batch Automation
Standalone Viewer Module
Viewer Module OEM License for regulatory bodies FREE
Includes preparation of the technical infrastructure on a delivered IT equipment (including consultations with the customer's IT administrator in case of server license), remote installation. free (*3)

All prices are excluding VAT (if applicable in your country).

(*1) All license costs include technical support for the first year of usage.
(*2) Includes site structure tree, inventory database with unlimited size, cost estimation structure, 16 types of cost activities, nuclide decay simulation, unit factors, work difficulty factors, project gantt chart, exports and imports, benchmarking and sensitivity analysis.
(*3) A secured remote connection is needed to remotely prepare the server and install Aquila and to provide technical support and maintenance. Details of the connection type (prefferably VPN combined with an SSH/HTTPS and/or Windows RDP, open for a pre-arranged time frames) can be discussed with an IT administration staff. In case of OEM Standalone Desktop License Aquila will be installed on a personal computer running Windows or Linux OS. In this case it is recommended to use TeamViewer software for remote installation and maintenance.


Tree-view based site structure Tree-view based inventory database Versatile cost estimation structure Configurable waste management Benchmarking and sensitivity analysis Comprehensive set of unit factors Work difficulty factors Simulation of decay of nuclides Dose uptake calculations Project gantt chart & schedule 16 types of cost activities Work groups and work professions Intuitive multi-user interface Very fast cost estimate calculations Secure client/server architecture Very large cost estimates Save to file & open from file Monte Carlo based uncertainity analysis

Sample screenshots

Calculation screen of a sample small-sized cost estimate
Calculation screen of a sample small-sized cost estimate
Decommissioning project gantt chart
Decommissioning project gantt chart
Uncertainity calculations and analysis
Uncertainity calculations and analysis

Aquila significantly shortens the time necessary to estimate costs for decommissioning of your nuclear facility and keeps regular reviews and updates more comfortable and accurate.

Licensing options

OEM Standalone Desktop License

An OEM Standalone Desktop License is the most common type of license, and probably what most people are familiar with for many software products they already use. The license is perpetual, resides on a single computer and is licensed for use on that computer. It can be used by one person at a time. The license can be transferred between computers (needs an assistance from our experts; transfer is a paid service if maintenance is not pre-paid), the number of transfers is limited to 3 per year. This type of license has several limitations, contact our sales representative for more details. This is the option to choose if the license will be used on a single computer, with a limited set of features and only needs to be transferred infrequently.

Server Network Collaboration License

A Network Collaboration License allows multiple user access to Aquila at one time. Requires a client - server installation. In order to use Aquila with this license, the user must have a persistent connection to an application server on which Aquila is hosted. This can be either a server in your facility or a cloud-based server. This option is useful when you want to simultaneously colaborate in Aquila at one time and plan to estimate costs for very large costing cases.

Expert Decommissioning Company License

This type of license is required for companies that provide their decommissioning costing services to their customers. Requires a client - server installation (see Server Network Collaboration License for more details). Includes additional funciontality to group the costing cases by the customers and annual support and maintenance for up to 3 users.

Additional services

To successfuly implement and start using Aquila, we recommend also:

  • Initial Workshop and Training
    The goal of the workshop is to present the methodology of the calculation and to explain the meaning of all parameters and their contribution to the final costing result.
  • One-year Expert Consultancy
    Our decommissioning experts will be ready to help you with creating and analysing your first decommissioning costing cases.