What is AquilaCosting Software?

Aquila is the software that calculates costs for decommissioning of any type of the nuclear facility - power plants, research reactors, non-reactor facilities such as waste management facilities, fuel cycle facilities or laboratories. In other words, you can use the Aquila in decommissioning planning to determine how much will you have to pay for the final phase of the nuclear facility life-cycle i.e. for transition period after final shutdown and for final decontamination, dismantling, demolition, site restoration, processing of all generated radioactive and non-radioactive waste and all related managing and supporting activities.

Decommissioning project gantt chart
Decommissioning project gantt chart

Other key feature of the Aquila code is the possibility to calculate costs for waste management of almost any kind of waste. Flexible unique system for simulation of the real flow of materials and related radioactivity according to the user’s defined waste management scenarios was developed which included the versatile algorithm for configuration of user’s specific waste management technologies.

Internationaly recommended costing methodology

Aquila uses internationaly recommended structure (joint initiative of OECD/NEA, IAEA, EC) for presenting the cost for decommissioning projects - the “International Structure for Decommissioning Costing (ISDC) of Nuclear Installations” generally known under the abbreviation ISDC. For more information please read more about ISDC. Own costing methodology was developed that reflects specifics of the ISDC and the international best practice in decommissioning costing.

Uncertainity calculations and analysis
Uncertainity calculations and analysis

Costing data security

Aquila is based on a flexible technology enabling multiple operational modes. It can be installed as a single application on a dedicated computer with a restricted access to wide networks or as a server/client architecture on a highly secured environment respecting your company's security policy and confidentiality of your costing data.

Unique waste management cost estimation algorithm

Aquila implements very unique and highly customizable waste management cost estimation algorithm. It allows configuration of your own waste management techniques and material streams to mirror the real process of waste treatment of your decommissioning project.

This algorithm is responsible for very accurate calculation of waste management cost estimates of your decommissioning project.

Visualisation of a carbon steel waste management process
Visualisation of a sample carbon steel waste management process

Key features

Inventory database with the specific facility structure of systems, components and civil structures and the concept of radionuclide vectors for flexible definition of radiological parameters of inventory items respecting the decays ISDC based cost calculation methodology developed in-house (taken over also at the IAEA) Detailed costing results in ISDC format Benchmarking and sensitivity analysis of decommissioning costs Export & import of costing cases Use of costing results for development of decommissioning funding schemes and related funding data Customised waste management scenarios and waste management technologies