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AquilaCosting is suitable for:

Engineers responsible for creating decommissioning project plans and cost estimations. Consultants and experts providing their services in the field of estimating decommissioning plans and cost estimations. Regulatory bodies reviewing decommissioning costing plans and estimations. Waste management facilities looking for a software to optimize their waste management flow.

If you are intersted and want to learn more about Aquila Costing, contact us and provide following information:

  • Your name, name and location of your organization
  • Few words about how do you plan to use AquilaCosting

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Presentation video - how to create first costing case

Following video shows a very simple use case - a cost estimation for very simple site structure, one inventory item and no waste management. The video presents a very basic usage of AquilaCosting:

  1. Create a costing case
  2. Define a site structure
  3. Populate inventory database
  4. Configure cost estimation structure
  5. Run the calculation
Calculation screen of a sample small-sized cost estimate
Calculation screen of a sample small-sized cost estimate