Optimizing waste management costs by simulating real technologies and clearance limits

Transparent and benchmarkable estimation of waste management costs in NPP decommissioning has been a challenge for a long period of time.

Technical Meeting on Costing Approaches for Nuclear Technology Developers

Last week we attended very informative IAEA's technical meeting on costing approaches for nuclear technology developers.

Most often situations when cost estimations should be calculated

There are many situations during the plant lifecycle when the decommissioning cost estimate should be calculated and/or updated. We will try to list the most often and most suitable ones.

Funding schemes for waste management and decommissioning are national specific

To achieve the highest level of public acceptance in decommissioning of nuclear plants one key element must be properly defined: the funding scheme.

How to choose the proper type of cost estimate

Based on IAEA TECDOC-1476, there are three types of cost estimates defined by their level of accuracy.

Purpose of decommissioning costing

Decommissioning planning, costing/funding, characterisation, safety assessment and waste management planning are the key mutually related issues in preparation of decommissioning.

AquilaCosting features

  • Tree-view based inventory database
  • ISDC compatible calculation structure
  • Configurable waste management scenarios
  • Legacy waste database
  • Easy benchmarking and sensitivity analysis
  • Intuitive multi-user interface
  • Secure client/server architecture
  • Ready for large cost estimates (e.g. for NPPs)
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