Technical Meeting on Costing Approaches for Nuclear Technology Developers

IAEA's Technical Meeting on Costing Approaches for Nuclear Technology Developers Last week we attended very informative IAEA's technical meeting on costing approaches for nuclear technology developers.

Many presenters from countries planning to establish or enhance their nuclear programme, including such as China, Russia, Argentina, Indonesia or Tunisia, have presented their national success in implementing nuclear programme. Presenters from established countries presented their approaches to calculate the costs for construction of new power plants. Some presentations were also dedicated to progress in designing of small modular reactors (SMR) - a very promising technology which could be alternatively used in together with renewable energy sources.

Mr. Daniska was the only to present the approach to estimate the costs for decommissioning of nuclear installations which is one of the main phases of the NPP's life cycle. And since the decommissioning costs contribute to overal costs of electricity production, it should be clear that the nuclear technology developers should not overlook them.

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