Most often situations when cost estimations should be calculated

There are many situations during the plant lifecycle when the decommissioning cost estimate should be calculated and/or updated. We will try to list the most often and most suitable ones.

Pre-commissioning cost estimate

This cost estimate is being calculated during the construction of the plant because the decommissioning plan should be one of the key documents for obtaining the license for operating the plant from the national regulatory body.

Regular cost estimate updates

It depends on a country, law and regulatory practices how often it is necessary to re-calculate the cost estimate for the decommissioning. Usually this period varies between 3 to 5 years.

Changes in the site structure and inventory

Each change in the construction of the plant and/or the inventory used in the plant should be mirrored in the cost estimate. The reason is very simple - to be able to regularly recalculate the cost estimates.

Estimate very accurate costs for particular activity

The decommissioning project management should be able to negotiate the best price for the sub-contracting activities. For this purpose the Class 1 estimate should be prepared.

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AquilaCosting features

  • Tree-view based inventory database
  • ISDC compatible calculation structure
  • Configurable waste management scenarios
  • Legacy waste database
  • Easy benchmarking and sensitivity analysis
  • Intuitive multi-user interface
  • Secure client/server architecture
  • Ready for large cost estimates (e.g. for NPPs)
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